Are automatic doors expensive?
In the United States, the average cost of an automatic door opener is $2,122.80. This pricey piece of equipment will cost anything between $1,458.25 and $2,787.35.
Is sliding patio doors worth buying it?
Sliding glass doors are a fantastic choice for adding beauty to your house or business property in the form of natural light and unobstructed views of the surroundings. Additionally, they can offer simple access to your balcony or outdoor space, which frequently adds a nice breeze during the hotter summer months.
What is the cost of glass railings?
Depending on the type of glass system you select, the cost of a glass railing system might vary from $230 to $400 per linear foot.
How Long Does It Takes to Install a Shower Glass?
It just takes 2 to 4 hours to install a three-panel frameless shower door. It takes an hour and a half to install a single frameless shower door.
How Long Do I Need To Wait To Use the Shower After Installation?
We advise waiting twenty-four hours before using your shower if you recently had new glass shower doors or an enclosure installed. It will have plenty of time to dry entirely because this time is necessary for the silicone to cure correctly.
Do bifold doors break easily?
It is anticipated that aluminum bifold doors will last 45 years, which is up to nearly twice as long as the 20–30 year expectation for uPVC. We can provide market-leading sash widths up to 1200 mm wide or 6000 mm tall thanks to the strength of aluminum.
Do you provide bifold doors guarantee?
We provide one year manufacturer warranty.
Can windows and doors match my bifold's?
Yes. You can match the color of your bifold doors to the same color of your window frames to instantly transform the entire property with a consistent aesthetic.

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Are Glass Railings Safe?
When professionally installed, glass railings are just as safe as other types of stair railings!
Are glass railings hard to keep clean?
They are not difficult to keep clean.
In fact, the only thing that should be done on a regular basis is a quick squeegeeing after cleaning or during wet weather. This will keep spots from forming.
How Durable Are Glass Railings?
Glass railings are made of tempered glass that is half inch thick. This means they are extremely unlikely to crack or break as a result of everyday stressors.
How Much Do Glass Railings Cost?
The average cost of a glass railing system ranges from $230 to $400 per linear foot, depending on the type of glass system you select.
What are Bifold Doors?
Traditionally, bi-fold doors were used to connect the rooms of the establishment to a shared outdoor area, which could be the garden or the main entrance. These doors can also be used to divide space within the same room or between two rooms.
Are your door sets solid hardwood?
Our office partition doors are made of solid core wood.
What sizes / configurations can you make?
Configurations vary, from a standard 3-foot doors up to 5ft for showrooms and auto dealers.
What type of automatic door system is best?

• Automatic Swing Doors.
• Automatic Sliding Doors.
• Automatic Folding Doors.
• Automatic Revolving Doors.

How often do automatic doors need servicing?
A professional inspection of automatic doors is recommended every 6 months on average. These routine inspections enable a professional to determine whether your doors require immediate repair, routine maintenance, or extensive maintenance.
Do you provide a product guarantee?
We provide one year manufacturer warranty
Do you offer a warranty on your products?
All our products have a 1-year manufacturer warranty
How do the doors sense when someone is passing through?
Pressure sensors are typically installed on the ground as mats or pads. The door opens when a person approaches it and steps on the mat because the pressure sensor detects a change in pressure (the person’s weight). Also, we have laser sensors installed at the top of the door. These sensors detect movement using rays directed at the person passing underneath.
Which glass styles can I choose for a frameless glass shower door?
For a variety of reasons, clear tempered glass is by far the most popular material for frameless shower enclosures. Clear glass without framing is ideal for displaying intricate tile work inside the shower.
What is a frameless glass shower?
Frameless shower doors are made of strong tempered glass panels. They do not require metal support, unlike framed glass shower doors. They frequently have a clean, modern appearance (also known as seamless glass shower doors), which homeowners value.
What are the advantages of a framed glass shower?
Framed shower doors give the glass they hold more stability. A frame reduces the possibility of shattering. Framed shower doors are less expensive than frameless shower doors.
How often should I replace the Storefront Door?
Depending on the material and level of maintenance, doors can last 20 to 30 years. That is, the simple answer to the question, “How often should my commercial doors be replaced?” is when they are outdated or break. However, age and function are not the only reasons for door replacement.
Do you supply custom-size doors for my existing opening?
Yes, we do manufacture doors in widths up to 5 feet and heights up to 12 feet.